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Definition and prevalence Insomnia is an experience of inadequate or poor quality sleep characterized by one or more of the following:

  • difficulty falling asleep
  • difficulty maintaining sleep
  • waking up too early in the morning
  • nonrefreshing sleep

Insomnia can also involve daytime consequences such as

  • tiredness
  • lack of energy
  • difficulty concentrating
  • irritability

Periods of sleep difficulty lasting between one night and a few weeks are referred to as acute insomnia. Chronic insomnia refers to sleep difficulty at least three nights per week for one month or more. About 30 - 40 percent of adults indicate some level of insomnia within any given year, and about 10 to 15 percent indicate that the insomnia is chronic and/or severe. The prevalence of insomnia increases with age and is more common in women.

Information Provided Courtesy of the American Academy Of Sleep Medicine